Bright Start Preschool is a privately owned centre, located in a modern purpose built facility with a thriving natural outdoor play space.   

We have been operating since March 2008.    

Bright Start Preschool cater's for children aged 2-6 years and we are open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, 50 weeks per year.   

We are a small Preschool, with 39 children per day in two rooms, the Reef Room and the Rainforest Room   


  Bright Start Preschool values the importance of the Early Childhood years.



 Children are born ready to learn and interested in their surrounding environment. We understand that the experiences and relationships a child has throughout thi time strongly affects their sense of who they are, their belief in themselves, thier learning potential, health, wellbeing and future success. We feel that strong, reciprocal relationships with families are one of the cornerstones that underpin our proactice here at Bright Start Preschool and we truly value family input and participation in our programs.

 To act upon this understanding, we are guided by the Principles and Practices of The Early Years Learning Framework our mandatory, national framework. We are also committed to ongoing improvement through the National Quality Framework processes.


Our Bush Kinder Program was awarded the SPROUTS Award for 2013 by the New South Wales Early Childhood Education Network.

We also presented at the ECEEN conference in July 2013 regarding our amazing Bush Kinder Program .

  To find out more about our Bush Kindy Click on link here