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Winners of ECEEN SPRouts Awards

We are so incredibly proud! On Saturday 12th November 2011 at the ECEEN Sustainability and NQS Conference, In, About and For, Bright Start Preschool won the SPRouts Award in the category of Other, with our Waste Not Want Not project. This project described our practice of promoting sustainability through minimising waste, our waste systems (separation and reuse of waste) and the minimising of consumption through keeping objects and resources in the cycle of use. Instead of looking for new things to buy all the time, we source op shops and also try to support manufacturers who use renewable products. Of course we source our families too! We also, where possible, support Fair trade. The project also described how these practices reflect The Early Years Framework and support children’s learning.

The winning prize was a certificate of recognition and a cheque for $500. As it turned out Nic also won the lucky door prize which is a new Otto bin style worm farm. Just in time, as our other worm farm is having trouble with its legs.