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Take 3 Art Challenge

Take 3 Art Challenge
As a centre that is committed to sustainability, we find ourselves inspired to enter into
the Take 3 Art challenge again this year. Our goal is to continue to embed these practices in our Early Childhood program so that our Bright Start children and families develop these lifelong practices and in turn inspire others in our community to Take 3

This challenge was an authentic and amazing opportunity for us to explore, research, discover and engage with the importance of maintaining sustainable habits, especially in our local beach areas.

The Art work - We began our journey by watching videos on the Take 3 web site, and found that we were deeply engaged with the rubbish island. This island resonated with the children. We then viewed some very disturbing images of animals that have died as a result of consuming plastics that are floating in the sea. We all voiced our concerns about the
state of our ocean wildlife.

We made a collection tub for Take 3, located in the foyer, and it soon began to fill up as together we visited local beaches.

We even discovered a plastic drinking bottle with label from an Asian country. We wondered if this had come all the way across the ocean. We looked at maps that explored the oceans current patterns. We were saddened by this notion.

Over the next 2 months we revisited the images, watched more videos about waste, visited beaches to clean them up, and researched what we could do to be more eco sustainable as a centre. We then began working on the canvas.

Madison, who is 4, became very connected to this cause. She feels very strongly about the birds and turtles that die as a result of consuming waste. She said that her heart was breaking. We can do a heart because we are all sad about the rubbish being on the beach and going in the animals tummies

We chose to use aboriginal art as an inspiration for our painting, as we wanted to acknowledge the traditional land owners of our local area the Darkinjung People.